Quantum AI Algorithms and the Future of Quantum Computing  

In this video Samuel Bosch talks about his PhD research at MIT in Quantum Artificial Intelligence.

He also explain the basic concepts of quantum computers, and why they are superior to conventional computers for specific tasks.

Prof. Peter Shor, the inventor of Shor’s algorithm and one of the founding fathers of Quantum Computing, kindly agreed to participate in this video.


  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:15 – How I got into Quantum AI
  • 1:14 – What is Quantum Computing?
  • 2:13 – Shor’s Factoring Algorithm
  • 3:58 – Applications of Quantum Computing
  • 4:48 – Quantum Machine Learning
  • 6:12 – How does a Quantum Computer work?
  • 8:38 – My PhD research
  • 9:36 – How to simulate a Quantum Computer?
  • 10:35 – Bloopers


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