Day: July 18, 2022

Power Apps

Power Hour: SharePoint Color Coded Calendar

In Microsoft Lists / SharePoint lists, color coding can be created for calendar views of lists. Learn how in this video demo.

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Neural Networks Python

Building a neural network FROM SCRATCH (no Tensorflow/Pytorch, just numpy & math)

Watch the video and check out the Kaggle notebook with all the code.

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Career Python

Do you Need a Tutor or Mentor for Programming?

In this live stream Mariya discusses why you DON’T need to pay somebody for such basic guidance and motivation.

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25 VS Code Productivity Tips and Speed Hacks

Learn 25 VS Code tips and tricks that will help you write code faster.

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AI Ethics Research

LaMDA Logic

Discussing the philosophical ideas behind AI Sentience, with Professor Mark Jago, Professor of Philosophy at University of Nottingham.

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Robot Controllers Part 1: PID

Learn how to build a PID Controller, first in python and then in p5.js.

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