Audio Neural Networks without Ground Truth: Avoid Humans in the Loop

From the PyData London 2022 conference Orian Sharoni speaks about Audio Neural Networks without Ground Truth: How to Avoid Humans in the Loop at all Costs.

Manual listening tests are great but they’re time consuming, mission specific and expensive. We all want good quality automated testing measurements to better our algorithms but can we truly get there?

Advanced techniques such as Visqol (Google ,2020) and NORESQA (Facebook 2021) are recent open source tools used to achieve automated model testing. They all aim to close the gap between our audio perception and the raw signal. Using them can help find the right path towards improvement, and have more confidence in our models.

This talk will point you in the right direction to start using automated audio tests in your work. We will explore the field through Python’s Librosa library and go over the fundamental concepts and basic usage.


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