Day: July 7, 2022


How to Build Interactive Excel Dashboards

In this Microsoft Excel 2021/Excel 365 training tutorial video, learn how to create an Excel Interactive Dashboard. We’ll go over what a dashboard is and discuss in-depth how to assemble an interactive dashboard for your data visualization including adding calculations, charts and graphs, formatting, and more! We finish off with an exercise to test what […]

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Azure DevOps

Ask the Expert: Release Management Monitoring for Azure DevOps with Datadog

As our pipelines become increasingly complex, ensuring that software is delivered on-time while also maintaining quality is of the utmost importance. This becomes particularly difficult when stages and stakeholders become dependent on each other. Get an overall view of the deployment process across an organization and its accounts, projects, and environments and get your questions […]

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Dynamic Memory Allocation In C

This video by Simplilearn will explain to you about Dynamic Memory Allocation In C. Memory Allocation In C tutorial For Beginners will explain about What is Memory Management In C, will also explain on static memory allocation and dynamic memory allocation In C, dynamic memory allocation functions with syntax and example. This C programming tutorial […]

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Microsoft Power Apps

Power Hour: Power Pages

Demonstration of Microsoft’s Power Pages, which are Dynamics CRM / Dataverse / Model driven apps.

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AI Computer Vision Python

How Improved Text Readability Online Helps the Visually Impaired

Asya Frumkin presents “Can You Read This? (Or: How I Improved Text Readability on the Web for the Visually Impaired)” from the PyData London 2022: This talk will describe how Asya Frumkin used deep learning to identify texts on background images that are illegible for people with vision impairments. Frumkin explains the challenges ncountered when […]

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Developer Javascript

The Road to TypeScript

What does the road to official TypeScript support for Ember look like? What does it include, and what does it exclude, and why? Why has it taken this long? What does the future hold? What have we done which is distinctive from other frameworks? What are some of the possibilities for collaboration across the front-end […]

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