Day: July 6, 2022

Big Data Data

What is a serverless database? (in under 3 minutes)

Serverless architecture has revolutionized application development, but the database has been lagging behind. So what is a serverless database – what does it look like when we apply the principles of serverless development to the database? Time stamps: 0:00 What is a serverless database? 0:40 Elements of a serverless database 0:43 Automated elastic scale 1:16 […]

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Career Data

How to Create and deliver an effective data-driven presentation

Delivering an effective data-driven presentation to a nontechnical live audience isn’t the same as discussing technical details with peers or delivering a written document. You must be purposeful and diligent if you want to develop a presentation that conveys a compelling story while simultaneously avoiding myriad traps that undercut your credibility and limit your impact. […]

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Conditional format the Power BI line chart with a gradient schema

If you want the data to do all the talking for you, conditional formatting a line chart with a gradient schema is one way. Let me show you how to do it here.

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Bioinformatics Deep Learning Google

How DeepConsensus works

From Maria Nattestad’s work on the Genomics team in Google Health AI comes a video describing how DeepConsensus works to increase the quality of PacBio sequencing data using deep learning.

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AI Data Science Red Hat

Open Data Hub – the origin story (part 2)

In part 2 of the Open Data Hub origin story, fellow Red Hatters Steven Huels and Sherard Griffin describe some of the technical challenges and growth of the Open Data Hub AI meta-project, evolving Elastic Search to multiple data discovery technologies. The evolution to a commercial service offering, Red Hat OpenShift Data Science is also […]

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AI Data Red Hat

Open Data Hub – the origin story (part 1)

Fellow Red Hatters Steven Huels and Sherard Griffin describe how the Open Data Hub meta-project grew from solving practical CI/CD build challenges to where it is today – providing an integrated blueprint stitching together over 20 open source AI tools for running large and distributed AI workloads on OpenShift. Part 1 of a 2 part […]

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AI Generative AI

Will Artificial Intelligence End Human Creativity?

Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence design tools have raised some interesting questions about the future of human creativity. Are we are about to see the biggest creative and cultural explosion since the invention of electricity in the 1890s or is this another “SkyNet takes over everything” moment? By the end of this video, you will […]

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Red Hat

Ask an OpenShift Admin (E74)

Red Hat OpenShift has a lot of moving pieces, and sometimes it may seem like too much to remember. Maybe you have a config problem that no amount of search engine kung-fu can solve? Or that you don’t know where to get started with learning and applying these tools to your day-to-day work? That’s where […]

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Perovskite solar cells. Major new breakthrough!

Perovskite structures have the potential to revolutionise the solar PV industry, but they are notorious for breaking down very rapidly in real-world use. Now a research team from Princeton University has developed a process for overcoming that problem, making perovskite a real competitor to existing silicon PV technology.

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