Day: July 5, 2022


Live at Nanotexnology 2022 Monday, in Thessaloniki, Greece

A nanotechnology conference? Wow, we live in the future. Live interviews, Lectures, Exhibitor booth tours at the Nanotexnology International Conference on Nanotechnology we, Organic Electronics & Nanomedicine.

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Here’s how you add a new Arduino board to your Cloud

If you’ve got an Arduino account, you’ve got an Arduino Cloud. And the first thing you’re likely to do is start adding your Arduino boards, so you can start working on your code and projects, right there from your web browser. This is what we call “provisioning” a board, which means connecting it to your […]

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Big Data Research

Analyzing the Witcher’s Network | Relationship Extraction & Network Analysis with Spacy & NetworkX

In this video a data scientist attempts to extract relationships between The Witcher’s characters from the books. We also did some graph analyses (centrality measures and community detection) and visualization using NetworkX and Pyvis. The analyses are still quite preliminary and I might have glossed over some details, but hopefully, this is a bit interesting […]

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Was Windows Phone Really a $7 Billion Failure?

As someone who once was paid to evangelize Windows Phone, this video hit home hard.

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Is List Comprehension Python’s Best Feature?

In this tutorialm learn all about list comprehensions and how they can make your Python journey much easier and much more efficient.

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How To Highlight Duplicates In Excel? | How To Find Duplicate Records In Excel? | Simplilearn

This video on How to Highlight Duplicates in Excel by Simplilearn will help you understand the fundamentals of Excel Spreadsheets and conditional formatting. This excel tutorial will help you understand the pros and cons of using conditional formatting in excel and the best feasible way to highlight duplicate cells in excel

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An Introduction to Deneb: Declarative Visualization In Power BI – New Course!

Deneb is a custom visual for Power BI, which allows the use of declarative JSON syntax of the Vega or Vega-Lite languages to build custom data visualizations, without having the need to learn web development. In this video, Brian chats with our resident Deneb expert, Greg Philps, as they introduce and give an overview on […]

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AWS This Week: Increased limits for EC2 auto scaling & RDS snapshot, AWS Support new look

Jess is back with your AWS news! In AWS announcements this week, RDS snapshot concurrent copy limit increase, AWS Support gets an update to the create a case experience, and EC2 auto scaling increases the group default limit per account!

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The Fourier Series and Fourier Transform Demystified

Jade from Up and Atom explains the Fourier Series and Fourier Transformations.

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