Day: June 18, 2022

Quantum Computing

Quantum-Enhanced Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations with David Layden

Here’s a talk by David Layden on Quantum-Enhanced Markov Chain Monte Carlo Abstract: Sampling from complicated probability distributions is a hard computational problem arising in many fields, including statistical physics, optimization, and machine learning. Quantum computers have recently been used to sample from complicated distributions that are hard to sample from classically, but which seldom […]

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Are Silicon Photonics the Next Silicon Revolution?

Silicon Photonics not only sounds cool and cutting edge, but it may actually be the next big thing. If MEMS is the result of applying modern nanoscale CMOS processes to the mechanical world, then doing the same for the optical realm gives us Silicon photonics. In this video, I want to talk about another magic […]

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The MOST private MAP apps!

The big G Maps is by far the most downloaded navigation app in the US and for good reason. Invading your privacy and surveilling you helps them provide better services. Their entire business model revolves around collecting huge amounts of information about you and selling it to advertisers. What are some more private alternatives? Naomi […]

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AI Natural Language Processing

Transformers, explained: Understand the model behind GPT, BERT, and T5

Curious how an ML model could write a poem or an op ed? Transformers can do it all. In this episode of Making with ML, Dale Markowitz explains what transformers are, how they work, and why they’re so impactful. Over the past few years, Transformers, a neural network architecture, have completely transformed state-of-the-art natural language […]

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AI Google

No, it’s not Sentient – Computerphile

Computerphile adds their two cents (pence?) to the recent drama around a Google researcher’s claim that his AI project had become sentient

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