Day: June 8, 2022

AI Python Speech and Voice

Speech Recognition in Python Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners

Learn how to implement speech recognition in Python by building five projects. You will learn how to use the AssemblyAI API for speech recognition. Code:

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How to Build a 3000W Portable Solar Power Station for Power Outages!

If you’ve watched enough of, you know how much I love using solar power to run IoT devices. Once the move to the new house is complete, I want to get back into my solar power experiments and start thinking about bigger projects. Today we’re going to be building a portable power cart with […]

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Raspberry Pi

How to Build a Raspberry Pi OMV 6 NAS

Once the move to the new house is complete, I plan on building out a proper NAS to replace my aging COTS device which was, sadly, cut off from support. This video from Explaining Computers has me inspired. OpenMediaVault 6 network attached storage (NAS) software installed and configured on a Raspberry Pi 4, with a […]

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Data Science Mathematics Statistics

Statistics and Probability for Data Science

A lot of people ask me about breaking into the fields of AI and data science. Many are surprised to hear that the core of it all revolves around statistics more so than “just code.” This session on Statistics And Probability will cover all the fundamentals of stats and probability. Topics Covered : 00:00:00 Introduction […]

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Data Science

What Are the Six Business Skills Critical for Data Scientists?

This talk will introduce the foundational business skills you’ll need to deliver business value and grow your career as an analyst or data scientist. Drawing on best practices, published research, case studies, and personal anecdotes from two decades of industry experience, David Stephenson will give an overview of foundational skills related to Company, Colleagues, Storytelling, […]

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Alexa Developer Office Hours – June 7, 2022

Join Jeff Blankenburg as he answers your questions about Alexa, ambient computing, and voice design.

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