Yacht – an Open Source, Self Hosted, Modern, Web GUI for Docker Management

Here’s an interesting new opensource project.


  • 00:00 Beginning
  • 00:09 Introduction to Yacht
  • 02:50 Thank you to all my Patrons over at Patreon
  • 04:25 Install Yacht using Docker-Compose
  • 08:00 Logging into Yacht UI for the first time
  • 10:00 Change our Yacht Default Credentials
  • 10:35 Yacht Dashboard and Container Details
  • 13:05 Applications View
  • 13:55 Check for New Versions of Containers
  • 14:35 Container Detail – Top Tabs
  • 15:20 Projects in Yacht – Adding Custom Docker Apps
  • 17:05 Resources in Yacht
  • 17:50 Settings in Yacht
  • 19:15 Templates in Yacht for Pre-built Apps


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