Day: May 6, 2022


How to Properly Log in Python

Learn how to properly log your programs (and using the standard print debugging method is not it). Logging Attributes: Time stamps: 00:00 | Why Use Logging? 01:03 | ProgrammingExpert 01:32 | Logging Levels 04:09 | Logging To A File 07:32 | Logging Variable Values 08:45 | Logging Exceptions 10:16 | Custom Loggers 12:21 | […]

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Design a CosmosDB data partitioning strategy

Identify strategies for managing relationships between data entities, such as customers and sales data. Improve data-model performance and scaling by pre-aggregating and denormalizing your data. Use change-feed to maintain your data’s referential integrity.

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Public Health: Education, Access, and Policy

Matt Willis, Marin County Public Health Officer, shares the three pillars of public health: education, access, and policy, and the critical role data plays in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic & opioid epidemic.

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Career Software

100+ Computer Science Concepts Explained

Learn the fundamentals of Computer Science with a quick breakdown of jargon that every software engineer should know. Over 100 technical concepts from the CS curriculum are explained to provide a foundation for programmers.

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