Day: April 27, 2022

AI Reinforcement Learning

An AI Learns to Play Starcraft 2 with Reinforcement Learning

Interesting video tinkering with reinforcement learning via Stable Baselines 3 and Starcraft 2. Code and model:

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Generative AI

OpenAI DALL-E 2: Top 10 Insane Results!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Hierarchical Text-Conditional Image Generation with CLIP Latents” in the following video.

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Current Events Interesting

Disinformation and Fooled by Randomness

Disinformation artists confuse you by focusing on noise over signal by playing on saliency, the same effect as the one discussed in Fooled by Randomness. We mistake the particular for the general, details for the ensemble, and noise for signal –all from the same mental bias.

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MLOps Red Hat

Accelerate AI/ML deployments with enterprise-grade MLOps

A growing number of organizations are integrating AI/ML workloads into cloud-native applications to deliver more insight and value from their data. However, there are a number of challenges in adopting, accelerating, and scaling ML operations (MLOps) across the enterprise in a predictable fashion. NVIDIA and Red Hat have been working with organizations globally to understand […]

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AI Neural Networks

Sparse Expert Models (Switch Transformers, GLAM, and more… w/ the Authors)

This video is an interview with Barret Zoph and William Fedus of Google Brain about Sparse Expert Models. Sparse Expert models have been hugely successful at distributing parts of models, mostly Transformers, across large array of machines and use a routing function to effectively route signals between them. This means that even though these models […]

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Machine Learning Red Hat

Accelerating MLOps with Kubernetes, CI/CD & GitOps

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications are growing to deliver more mainstream experiences to users. Whether predicting rainfall and its effects on specific terrain or building a video game, AI models use machine learning (ML) to humanize the user experience in virtual or real world applications. Operationalizing these applications with integrated ML capabilities and keeping them up […]

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Armchair Architects: Exploring the relationship between Cost and Architecture

Back for it’s second season, Armchair Architects has Uli, Eric, and David discuss the implications of introducing reality into architecture, covering topics such as affordability, maintainability, overall cost, and how to understand and address those concerns during the design phase.

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Containers Red Hat

Ask an OpenShift Admin (E67) | Making Virtual Machines do a Kubernetes dance

Virtual machines have been a part of OpenShift since version 4.5, when OpenShift Virtualization was released as a fully supported feature for all entitlements. As OpenShift Virtualization has matured it has become more and more integrated with other features of OpenShift, such as Pipelines, Service Mesh, GitOps, and more. This stream we’re joined by Chandler […]

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New Video Upload : Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Wisdom

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