Day: April 21, 2022

Hardware IoT Maker

Product Showcase: SparkFun MicroMod Alorium Sno Processor Board

Snō’s FPGA(!) provides a reconfigurable hardware platform that hosts an 8-bit AVR instruction set, compatible with the ATmega328, making Snō fully compatible with the Arduino IDE. Snō SoM has a compact footprint, making it ideal for space-constrained applications and an obvious addition to our MicroMod form factor for prototyping.

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How to Create apps in Python with PySimpleGUI

In this video you will learn how to create simple python GUIs using the PySimpleGUI library. There are 10 projects in this video: A converter, a calculator, a stopwatch, a text app, the snake game, an image editor, a youtube video app, a weather app and a opencv face detector. There is also an extra […]

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The Ultimate Secret to Becoming A BASH Ninja!

Here’s a guide to being the bestest BASH Ninja on your block.

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Live Stream: Thursday Thoughts

Live stream of consciousness on Red Hat OpenShift Data Science, Moving Houses, and Cloud 3.0. No tags,

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Architecting for Data Quality in the Lakehouse with Delta Lake and PySpark

From null values and duplicate rows to modeling errors and schema changes, data can break for millions of reasons. To combat this, teams are increasingly adopting best practices from DevOps and software engineering to identify, resolve, and even prevent this “data downtime” from happening in the first place. Join Prateek Chawla and Ryan Kearns as […]

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Hardware Interesting

That Time When Linus Tried to Break a Million Dollar Computer

IBM invited the team behind Linus Tech Tips to do a facility tour showing off the mainframes they sell to high frequency trading customers and the like. CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 1:16 What’s a Z16? 1:55 Cooling 3:00 Power 3:40 Compute 6:00 Nutty Socket 9:18 Crazy VRMs 11:24 RAM like you’ve never seen it before 12:50 […]

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Nuclear fusion breakthrough achieved with new projectile technique

For decades the promise of nuclear fusion power has remained elusive. However, researchers may have cracked the code to make it happen sooner rather than later. Nuclear fusion has been achieved using a new projectile technique that accelerates fuel to 200 times the speed of sound. First Light Fusion, a UK based start-up, used a […]

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Developer Security

Coding For Cybersecurity

This Edureka video on “Coding for Cybersecurity” will help you understand and learn the fundamentals of Cyber Security. This Cyber Security Tutorial is ideal for beginners who want to get insights into how programing and coding can help you in your quest for a career in Cybersecurity. We will also see how to build a […]

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