Day: April 6, 2022

Azure SQL

Azure SQL April 2022 New Updates

Get the latest April news and updates in the world of data with Anna Hoffman, Cheryl Adams, Claire Giordano, Marisa Brasile, and Abhiman Tiwari.

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Machine Learning MLOps

MLOps Crash Course for Beginners

The reality is that most data science value is created outside of a notebook. It’s about more than your model, it’s about the model’s lifecycle.

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FinTech Python

How to Build A Portfolio Using Annual Returns, Annual Risks using Python

Use annualized returns, risks and the python programming language to build your investment portfolio. Disclaimer: The material in this video is purely for educational purposes and should not be taken as professional investment advice. Invest at your own discretion.

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A Modern Linux Graphical TERMINAL SERVER: a Complete Guide for Remote Access for Any Device

If you want to rely on a remote access / Bring-Your-Own-Device type solution, you probably care more about solid multi-platform client support than flexibility in mixing VM OSes and running with no software installation on the VM. To this end, I’ve setup a modern Linux terminal server, which can be used to allow many clients […]

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Exactly What is an IP Address?

Did you ever wonder what exactly an IP address is, what it means, and how to properly subnet? Well then, NetworkChuck has the course for you!

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Privacy Windows

Is Microsoft about to Force Telemetry Upon Us?

Apparently, it will be required soon to have an internet connection AND a Microsoft account just to install Windows.

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The Reciprocals of Prime Numbers

Matt Parker explores the work of William Shanks and the inverse of primes.

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Red Hat Security

Ask an OpenShift Admin: Closed Loop Cloud-Native Security

Red Hat OpenShift has a lot of moving pieces, and sometimes it may seem like too much to remember. Maybe you have a config problem that no amount of search engine kung-fu can solve? Or that you don’t know where to get started with learning and applying these tools to your day-to-day work? That’s where […]

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How to Create an Excel Dashboard for Schools with changing students images dynamically

Here’s an interesting video on creating a dashboard in Excel. Chapters: 0:00, Dashboard Features & contents Overview 1:25, workbook contents 1:50, 1st Dashboard background 2:27, 2nd Dashboard background 3:43, Left side buttons 5:47, Values & charts background 7:05, Main title and KPIs 10:06, Side menu background image 11:21, Students per educational stage column chart 16:12, […]

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AI Research

DeepMind AlphaFold: A Gift To Humanity?

Two Minute papers examines the paper “Highly accurate protein structure prediction with #AlphaFold” in the following video.

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