Day: March 15, 2022

picnic table under the trees

New Video Upload : Streaming Outside

Streaming Outside

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Current Events Security

Cyberwarfare: Ukraine vs Russia – ThreatWire

ThreatWire is a weekly news journalism show covering cybersecurity topics for network admins, information security professionals, and consumers.

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Red Hat

Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier: Open Source Drives the Cloud and Edge

Paul Cormier, CEO of Red Hat, discusses how open source’s innovation enables edge, and why hybrid cloud is now the operative model going forward.

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Azure DevOps

How to Build your first Bicep template

Define Azure resources within a Bicep template. Improve the consistency and reliability of your deployments, reduce the manual effort required, and scale your deployments across environments. Your template will be flexible and reusable through the use of parameters, variables, expressions, and modules.

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Career Economics of AI

Mastering The Art Of Digital Technology Leadership : Expert Tips To Succeed In 2022

Digital technology leadership has particular requirements that make it different from general management leadership. In the rapidly changing world of the digital economy, digital technology leadership skills are vital to success in a management role. About the Speaker Chandan Vijay is the Director of IT at Honeywell in Bangaluru. He is an outcome driven digital […]

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Virtual Reality

What is the future of Computing with Spatial Computing and Quantum Computing

The next wave of digital disruption is Spatial Computing, an emerging technology that will change how we interact with computers and the physical world, using intelligent edge devices like a HoloLens and other mobile devices. Mainly driven by AI computer vision and advanced sensors, those devices can spatially sense the world around us and make […]

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Live Hacking Q&A with Kody and Alex

If you want to learn more about cybersecurity then check out this live Q&A stream. Bring your best questions about hacking and security and our Security Researchers will help answer them.

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Computerphile Explains the Mythical Man Month

Many will have heard the phrase ‘Mythical Man Month’ and assume it’s simply about whether manpower and time are interchangeable – the book is really about much more. Professor Brailsford explains how this all relates to the humble byte

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