Day: March 7, 2022


New Video Upload : A #Python Book Deal you need to check out

A #Python Book Deal you need to check out

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Cryptocurrency – how it all ACTUALLY works!

Ania Kubow explains how cryptocurrencies actually work.

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Functional Parsing in C++20

Is C++20 a language that supports a functional style of programming? Can we write modern C++ code in a pure functional style that would easily translate into a pure functional language like Haskell, and could that C++ code end up looking just as nice while still being reasonably efficient? In this talk, take a practical […]

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Generative AI Natural Language Processing

Posting Tweets with Artificial Intelligence

Bob built a twitter bot that automatically tweets content generated by artificial intelligence using GPT-3. Learn how to build your own twitter bot from scratch with Node.js and the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Source Code

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AI Data Data Science Guest Post

Data Forensics in Police Case Work

The following is a guest post by Ainsely Lawrence Digital technology has improved life in numerous ways, and we are now more connected than ever. Yet for all of their positive traits, the digital devices we rely on are highly vulnerable to cybercrime and similar nefarious activities like catfishing. If your network isn’t secure, hackers […]

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