Day: February 25, 2022

AI Data Driven

Jeff Coyle on AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing

In this episode, Andy and I welcome Jeff Coyle to the show. Jeff is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Market Muse.  Market Muse is the industry-leading technology and methodology for content planning and evaluation via semantic relevance. It combines advanced artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to produce actionable insights […]

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Planet Simulation In Python

In this video Tim from Tech with Time is going to show you how to make a planet simulation using Python! The goal of this tutorial is to simulate the orbits of different planets around the sun using real astronomical values! We’re also going to apply the force of gravity on each of the planets […]

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Data Red Hat

Deploying Databases using OpenShift Virtualization

Deploying MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB using OpenShift Virtualization Speakers: Erkan Ercan (Red Hat) Cem Omurtak (Sahibinden) Jehlum Vitasta Pandit (Red Hat) Slides:

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Pokémon Coding Tutorial – CS50’s Intro to Game Development

Learn game development by creating a Pokemon clone game using Lua and LÖVE2D. The principles you learn can apply to any programming language. Time stamps: (0:00:00) Introduction (0:04:59) Pokémon Demo (0:11:33) StateStack (0:20:32) StartState (0:23:32) FadeInState (0:29:22) DialogueState (0:33:23) PlayState (0:36:11) Grid-Aligned Movement (0:42:25) Dialogue Revisited (0:44:13) Level (0:46:13) Triggering Encounters (0:50:09) GUIs (0:52:36) 9-Patches […]

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Privacy Windows

What Data Does Windows 10 Send to Microsoft?

Your Windows 10 installation is probably sending quite a bit of information to Microsoft. Just what sorts of things are being sent, and could they be used to identify you or your activities?

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