Day: February 23, 2022


Will Low Code/No Code Kill Programming Jobs?

Low code and no code are ideas that are gaining traction. Low-code development platforms are used to solve all sorts of software development problems, but what is no code development, is this a new idea that will take your job, or is this another attempt at an old idea and some kind of no-code bubble. […]

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Data Science

How to Implement Agile Workflows For Analytics and Machine Learning

Sprints, Scrum, Kanban, Stories, Epics, Retrospectives, Extreme Programming, Velocity…Agile’s opaque terminology and practices, plus the zeal of its advocates, can be off-putting to newcomers. Can it even be applied to data science, analytics and machine learning projects? In this talk we provide a gentle introduction to implementing an agile workflow for a data science team. […]

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Building a React To do App with Hooks

Tiff in Tech shows us how to build a React ToDo app with hooks. Hi friends, I wanted to build something together where we are building a React to do list app with hooks. I am going to continue to build on to this app in more videos to come. Starting with a small to […]

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AWS Quantum Computing

Curious about quantum computing?

Dr. John Preskill is a pioneer in the field of quantum computing, and in this video he joins Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of, as they discuss the current state of quantum computing.

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