Day: February 18, 2022


New Video Upload : Streaming from #Linux?!

Streaming from #Linux?!

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Containers Red Hat

Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Check out this presentation & demo with Gautham Nagaraj as he introduces the core tenants of Digital Transformation, why containers are the way forward on the technological side and how Kubernetes ,and more importantly Red Hat OpenShift, can help your organization.

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Data SQL Server

SQL Server 2022 Storage Engine Capabilities

In this episode of Data Exposed with David Pless and Anna Hoffman, take a walk through a quick overview of the storage engine improvements that improves performance and scalability such as tempdb improvements, advances in capacity management and maintenance, and enhancements to SQL Server scalability for systems with large memory and processing power.

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AI Generative AI

NVIDIA’s New AI: Superb Details, Super Fast!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Multimodal Conditional Image Synthesis with Product-of-Experts GANs” in this video.

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C++ Programming Course – Beginner to Advanced

Learn modern C++ 20 programming in this comprehensive course. Source code:

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What is Kubernetes?

In this video, find out what kubernetes is in an easy to understand manner so that everyone can understand it. After this video you will have full what why and of kubernetes.

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Generative AI Livestream

New Video Upload : What Does #AI Think of AI #Art?

What Does #AI Think of AI #Art?

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