Day: February 13, 2022

AI Research

Yann LeCun on “Energy-Based Self-Supervised Learning”

“Energy-Based Self-Supervised Learning” by the one and only Yann LeCun – Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University & Facebook AI Research

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Cryptocurrency Security

Huge Crypto Theft Happens Again; UEFI Has Vulnerabilities

Weekly security and privacy news, brought to you by Shannon Morse. ThreatWire is a weekly news journalism show covering cybersecurity topics for network admins, information security professionals, and consumers. Cisco Finds Critical Vulnerabilities in their small business routers, even more vulns for found in UEFI firmware shared by multiple vendors, and another huge crypto theft! […]

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Cyber Security Full Course

This Cyber Security full course helps you learn cybersecurity in 12 Hours. In this cybersecurity tutorial for beginners, you will learn the importance of cybersecurity, cybersecurity skills, what cybersecurity means, and the types of cyberattacks with a hands-on demo for each. This video also covers cryptography, ethical hacking, and the top cybersecurity certifications.

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