Day: February 8, 2022

Data Driven Generative AI

DataPoint – Can AI Make Art?

AI can get creative, but is it art? Well, that depends on what you mean by “art.” However, if a banana duct taped to a wall is art, then I suppose the bar is so low that the term has lost any significance. Here are some examples:

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Data Warehouse Databricks

Data Lakehouse Symposium | Part 1

The world of data architecture began with applications. Next came data warehouses. Then text was organized into a data warehouse. Then one day the world discovered a whole new kind of data that was being generated by organizations. The world found that machines generated data that could be transformed into valuable insights. This was the […]

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Privacy Windows

How to Debloat Windows 11 The Easy Way!

Craft Computing has quite a lot to say about Windows 11. Microsoft just keeps marching to the sound of their own drum, and to be honest, we let it happen. Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to Debloat Windows 11, Disable Telemetry, and keep both Microsoft AND Third-Party apps from […]

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Economics of AI Interesting Research

Industrial Research in the 21st Century

Peter Lee, CVP of Research and Incubations at Microsoft, opens Research Summit with some reflections on the curiosity that animates us as researchers, the role of computer science in advancing all the sciences, and the importance of our work in light of the tremendous challenges we will face as a society in the coming years.

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Amazon Echo Show 15 review

What’s new in Amazon’s Echo Show 15 that we didn’t have before in other Echo devices? Here’s a great video review.

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New Video Upload : High Impact Tuesday: Birthday Edition

High Impact Tuesday: Birthday Edition

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Cognitive Services

How to Add Audio Dictation to Your Articles with Cognitive Services

This video by Jon Wood shows you how to use the Microsoft Speech service to perform text-to-speech for your blog posts. Sounds like something I need to integrate with Dingo.

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New Video Upload : Monday Funday: Synthetic Data

Monday Funday: Synthetic Data

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