Day: February 7, 2022


FBI: “You Should Use A Burner Phone” at the Olympics

Curious. Time stamps: 0:00 FBI Recommends Burner Phones 0:54 Was The Official App Intentionally Weakened? 2:19 Tian*nmen Sq*are 3:15 Surveillance is Only One Problem 3:49 The Successful Olympics Sabotage 5:00 It isn’t just the FBI… 5:31 Free $100 Cloud Computing Credit 6:06 Outro

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Raspberry Pi

Rust Runs on Everything, Including the Raspberry Pi Pico

This video discusses embedded rust. Specifically, the Hardware Abstraction Layer crates as they’re used in rust. We use a HAL Crate for the RP2040 to upload and execute the Blink LED example onto the RP2040.

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