Day: January 11, 2022

Computer Vision Deep Learning

PyTorch and Monai for AI Healthcare Imaging – Python Machine Learning Course

Learn how to use PyTorch, Monai, and Python for computer vision using machine learning. One practical use-case for artificial intelligence is healthcare imaging. In this course, you will improve your machine learning skills by creating an algorithm for automatic liver segmentation. Code: Course Contents: (0:00:00) Introduction (0:02:11) What is U-Net (0:13:21) Software Installation (0:22:35) […]

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Blockchain Future Interesting

What is Web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0, how is it different from what we have today, and what does it mean for the future of the internet? Join Layah Heilpern as she explores the transition from Web 2.0 to the future of Web 3.0.

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Data Science

How to learn data science with Coursera in 2022

This video details how to create your own beginner-friendly curriculum using Notion to learn Python, data science and machine learning on Coursera in 2022. Time stamps: 0:00 – Intro 0:42 – Overview of what we’re covering 1:05 – Coursera Plus 2:11 – Defining different data roles (data scientist vs. data analyst) 3:12 – What is […]

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How to Build the Cosmos Bookstore app with Node.js and the API for MongoDB, Part 1: Connecting & Reading

In this series, get a walk through the backend functionalities of a demo app called “Cosmos Bookstore”. This example is ideal for MongoDB developers who use Node.JS in their app stack and want to learn about Azure Cosmos DB. The app uses React for the frontend layer; Node.JS and Express for the backend layer; and […]

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Day 6 of Blockchain: How to Add Testing and Automatic Verifications to a Decentralized Application

In 10 Days of Blockchain, you’ll learn what a blockchain is, build a decentralized application, and deploy it to the Algorand blockchain. On day 6, learn how to make the Rock, Paper, Scissors application more secure by adding automatic verifications.

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AWS Route 53 Tutorial

This free Edureka video on AWS Route 53 Tutorial will give you an overview of what AWS Route 53 is , how it works and will help you understand various important concepts that concern Route 53.

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