Day: January 10, 2022


New Video Upload : Monday Afternoon Mountain Dew Energy

Monday Afternoon Mountain Dew Energy

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Maker Python Raspberry Pi

Introduction to Learning DIY Electronics with Raspberry Pi and Python

Finally, a starter video that works for just about every n00b to DIY electronics. I know absolutely nothing about how to build circuits, robots, electronical engineering, and I barely just started learning Python. In this video, I introduce you to this journey I will be taking in which I learn all of these things and […]

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PC vs Mainframe: Which is FASTER?

Dave explores the age-old debate in this video. PC vs Mainframe, Pi vs Pentium, the Apple Watch vs the Apollo Guidance Computer and many more direct comparisons in MIPS (Millions of Instructions per Second).

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The Brilliant Engineering of Mecanum Wheels

Mecanum wheel-fitted robots or industrial machines can make a 180 degree turn without taking much space, whereas a normal forklift takes a lot of space and time to achieve the same task. Consider this perfect sideward movement of Mecanum wheeled machines. This would be tedious to achieve using normal wheels. Mecanum wheeled machines achieve all […]

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GameDev Virtual Reality

New C# Features in Unity

As of Unity 2021.2, you now have access to some new C# features in Unity. This is thanks to improved support for .NET Standard 2.1 which has given us Unity developers the ability to use all of the features available in C# 8.0. Time Stamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:18 Sign up for the Level_2 Game Dev […]

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing for Software Engineers: An Introduction

In this session, the Chief Data Scientist at RoundSqr, Srinivas Atreya, talks about one of the widely-used buzzwords but often poorly understood – “Quantum Computing”. An exciting, powerful, and totally different form of computing, Quantum Computing, is expected to enable technological breakthroughs in different fields of the ecosystem and displace classical computing. It’s important that […]

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Master Class | Day-1

Here’s an interesting live stream master class that’s starting today.

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Natural Language Processing

Overview of Analysis Methods in NLP

Stanford Professor Christopher Potts provides an over of NLP (natural language processing) methods.

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Day 5 of Blockchain | Preventing Hacks through Automatic Verifications

On Day 5 of 10 Days of Blockchain, learn how automatic verifications work and how they can make a given decentralized application more secure.

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