Day: January 9, 2022


Databricks Pyspark: Merge (Upsert) using Pyspark and Spark SQL

Here’s an interesting video on doing a merge operation with PySpark and Spark SQL.

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Interesting Windows

Bliss – The Story of Windows XP’s Famous Default Wallpaper

Bliss was used as Windows XP’s default wallpaper. For most people, that is all it will ever be. But behind this green hill and blue sky lies a story of ambition, passion, and spontaneity that defined a photographer’s legacy.

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The Bug That Created “Free Public Wifi” Networks That Didn’t Work

And I always thought it was a honey pot. While it could still be a honey pot, the fact that a SSID could propagate this way is fascinating.

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Interesting Quantum Computing Science

Quantum Biology Explained by Jim Al-Khalili

Prof. Jim-Al-Khalili explains the emerging field of quantum biology and discusses how this new discipline has developed from its inception in the 1920s until fruition in the late 1990s with the discovery of quantum effects in magnetoreception, olfaction, enzyme catalysis, and photosynthesis.

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Advanced JavaScript Tutorial

This Edureka video on Advanced JavaScript Tutorial explains all the advanced workings of functions in JavaScript with examples. It also explains various advanced aspects of JavaScript. Following are the topics covered in this JavaScript Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:35 Overview of JavaScript 03:19 Advanced working with functions 25:39 JavaScript Namespaces 27:38 Prototypes 31:48 Error Handling […]

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C++ Course For Beginners 2022

In this C++ full course tutorial for beginners video, you will learn about the essential C++ topics and concepts that will help you understand C++ in a better way. You will look at the history of C++, its uses and features, and topics such as arrays, loops, switch statements and more. You will understand strings, […]

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BonziBuddy – The Internet Spyware That Plagued Windows (Demonstration)

BonziBuddy (or “Bonzi Buddy”) was a piece of internet spyware masquerading as a virtual assistant. It was created by Bonzi Software, a company that was once one of the most visited sites on the web but, through subsequent events, ended up meeting its massive downfall.

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Day 4 of Blockchain | Adding Bets and Wagers to a Decentralized Application

On Day 4 of this video series learn how to add a wager to our decentralized Rock, Paper, Scissors application.

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