Day: January 7, 2022

Big Data Data

Cloud 3.0: Is a New Cloud Ecosystem Forming Right Before Our Eyes?

It’s a new year and you know what that means: new buzzwords in technology driven by the hype machine! This year (so far), the hot ticket is Web 3.0. Web 3.0 or Cloud 3.0? This article is not going to sing the praises of Web 3.0 or tear it down. I will let the marketing geniuses […]

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Day 3 of Blockchain: Creating a Decentralized Rock, Paper, Scissors Application

In 10 Days of Blockchain, you’ll learn what a blockchain is, build a decentralized application, and deploy it to the Algorand blockchain. With Day 3 specifically, create a decentralized Rock, Paper, Scissors application.

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What Happens When Art Meets AI?

Benedikte Wallace is a Ph.D. researcher at the RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Rhythm, Time and Motion at the University of Oslo. Her interest lie in the cross-section between art and science. Through her research, Benedikte seeks answers to how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool for pursuing and understanding creativity. Listen […]

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IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 85 – 2022 The Year of Trust

Check out IoT Coffee Talk: a fireside chat about all things #IoT​​​ over a cup of coffee or two with some of the industry’s leading business minds, thought leaders and technologists in a totally unscripted, organic format. In this first episode of 2022, Andreea Timberlake, Bill Pugh join Leonard Lee and David Vasquez in a […]

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Video Production Virtual Reality

Cheap Motion Capture using Oculus Quest

Cheap Motion Capture using Oculus Quest and Mocap Fusion called APS (Animation Prep Studio) Luxor. It allows you to create motion capture using a VR device, in this video we are using a Oculus Quest 2 but it also works with the Valve VR head set and additional trackers.

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AI Drones

Neural Net trained Drone Herds Animals through

Fascinating and practical combination of AI and drone technology. I use the Neat algorithm to get a population of neural networks to figure out how to herd Boids through a course !

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Power Apps

Power Hour: Power Apps Form Modes

Learn about form modes for the form control in Power Apps. Find out the difference between form modes and display modes, and modes on cards and logic that can be used on forms.

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