Day: January 6, 2022


Much Better Web Scraping with Pandas – Automatically Extract All Table Elements From a Web Page

In this video, Mariyya shows us an INCREDIBLE shortcut for web scraping HTML tables.

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Day 2 of Blockchain | Run your First Decentralized Application on a Devnet

In this video (day 2), create your first decentralized application and run it on a private local devnet.

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GameDev Java

Code a 2D Game Engine using Java – Full Course for Beginners

Learn how to program a 2D game engine from scratch using the Java Programming Language. You will use the game engine to create a Super Mario Clone but the engine can be used to create other games as well. 💻 Code: Time stamps: (00:00:06) Introduction (00:07:54) Setting up the Window with LWJGL (00:25:20) Adding […]

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Azure Azure SQL Containers

Azure Arc-enabled Data Services Directly Connected Mode Breakdown

In this episode of Data Exposed, Anna Hoffman and Lior Kamrat discuss why should you care about Azure Arc-enabled data services connectivity options and which one is the best for your organization.

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Binary Explained in 01100100 Seconds

Binary is a base-2 numbering system and the final language used by computer hardware. Programmers don’t write binary code directly, but it’s import to understand how a machine uses transistors to organize billions of bits to represent data.

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AI Databricks

Workshop: Geospatial Analytics and AI at Scale

Geospatial analytics has evolved beyond analyzing static maps. Today, enterprises have access to diverse geospatial data like high-res images, streaming video, and GPS data. By applying advanced analytics to these geospatial datasets, organizations can deliver on a broad range of use cases across all industries. Watch this video to learn how to build powerful geospatial […]

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Power Apps Virtual Reality

How to Add Mixed Reality Features to Power App

Learn how to use the Power Apps View in 3D and View in MR components. This sample app is an interior decorating app that consists of a catalog of items that a client can browse to view an item in 3D and also view within their real-world environment. When viewing in mixed reality, the customer […]

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New Video Upload : Windows Central Recommends Linux?

Windows Central Recommends #Linux?

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