Day: January 4, 2022


Model and Partition your Data in Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s fully managed NoSQL database on Azure. As a NoSQL database, Azure Cosmos DB is both horizontally scalable and nonrelational. This session from Ignite 2021 will overview the concepts, techniques, and technologies unique to NoSQL databases for modeling and partitioning data.

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Hardware Interesting

How does a USB keyboard work?

Folks today don’t realize how impactful USB has been on the world of peripherals. No more messing with dipswitches, SCSI numbers, drivers, etc. Just true plug and play. It works so reliably it feels like magic.

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AI Virtual Reality

New AI Makes You Play Table Tennis In a Virtual World

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “TransPose: Real-time 3D Human Translation and Pose Estimation with Six Inertial Sensors” in this video.

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Day 1 Blockchain: Set up your Development Environment to Build Decentralized Applications

In 10 Days of Blockchain, learn what a blockchain is, build a decentralized application, and deploy it to the Algorand blockchain. With Day 1 specifically, we’ll set up our development environment and get ready to build decentralized applications on the blockchain. Thank you for watching!

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