Day: December 22, 2021

Azure Big Data Data

KQL – The Next Query Language You Need to Learn | Data Exposed: MVP Edition

Azure is the leading platform for many companies, and to manage your databases and other infrastructure you need to have insights into what is happening. In this episode of Data Exposed: MVP Edition with Anna Hoffman, Hamish Watson will introduce you to the Kusto Query Language (KQL) which will allow you to query a variety […]

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Theranos case & Tether updates, Nike acquires NFT company & more!

Recent livestream from Jason Calcanis on startups.

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Ali Ghodsi Keynote from Data + AI World Tour

Open source, open standards, multicloud — lakehouse was made for the way the world works today. Hear Databricks co-founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi talk about his vision for the Databricks Lakehouse.

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Career Data Science

Masters in Physics to Data Scientist Career Transition Story

Shrish Mishra has done masters in physics and he took some steps that helped him become a data scientist. In this video, learn about his journey and share some actionable tips with you if you want to build a career in data science

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Neural Networks Research

DIABLo: a Deep Individual

Here’s an interesting video from Microsoft Research In this project, we have developed and studied a deep neural network-based individual-agnostic general-purpose binaural localizer (BL) for sound sources located at arbitrary directions on the $4\pi$ sphere. Unlike binaural localization models trained with an HRIR catalog associated with a specific head and ear shape, an individual-agnostic model […]

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