Day: December 13, 2021


7 STRANGEST New Drones

Some really exciting drones have been developed recently that blur the line between science and science fiction.

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Cryptocurrency Raspberry Pi

Cryptocurrency Mining on a Raspberry Pi

If you have a few Raspberry Pi’s laying around, put them to work!

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Computer Vision Raspberry Pi TensorFlow

Introduction to object detection on Raspberry Pi

In the first episode of Machine Learning for Raspberry Pi, learn how to download a pre-trained TensorFlow Lite object detection model and deploy it to your Raspberry Pi. This model can be used to recognize general objects such as an apple, a television, or a car.

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Learn Python 2022 Course – Tutorial From Beginner To Pro

Python has in recent years become one of the worlds most popular programming languages due to its flexibility and easy to learn syntax. In this course you will go from a complete beginner to a pro programmer, who is capable of writing Web services, crawl data from web sites and create object oriented applications.

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Maker Science

Making a Simple Hydrogen Generator from Washers

Construction of a simple HHO generator, made of stainless steel washers and a water bottle.

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