Day: December 8, 2021


Are Scientists Actually Building an Elevator to Space?

Explore the physics behind space elevators, which would theoretically use a cable anchored to Earth and extending into space. Sending rockets into space requires sacrificing expensive equipment, burning massive amounts of fuel, and risking potential catastrophe. So in the space race of the 21st century, some engineers are abandoning rockets for something more exciting: elevators. […]

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Azure Synapse CosmosDB

Real-time Advanced Analytics with Azure Synapse Analytics & Cosmos DB

In this workshop, learn to design a data pipeline solution that leverages Cosmos DB for both the scalable ingest of streaming data, and the globally distributed serving of both pre-scored data and machine learning models. At the end of this workshop, you will be better able to design and implement solutions that leverage the strengths […]

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IoT Maker

Little Known ESP32 Power Saving Modes

Another great video about the ESP32 and its power saving modes. I need to dust off my soldering iron. We all know that we send our ESP32s to deep sleep to save energy. But do you know the other possibilities to save energy like light sleep and clock reduction? And what about modem sleep or […]

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Javascript TensorFlow

Finishing the Tensorflow.js Autoencoder project

The Coding Train wraps up his series on the TensorFlow.js autoencoder.

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