Day: December 2, 2021


2022 is Going to Be Wild for Developers

It’s that time of the year: prediction posts and videos. Here’s video about what next year could bring to developers. Glimpse into the future with all the latest trends and hype for software developers in the year 2022. Learn all about Web 3.0, the Metaverse, GPT-3, new JavaScript frameworks, databases, and more.

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AWS Low Code

Intro to AWS Amplify Studio

AWS Amplify Studio is a visual development environment that lets developers easily build and ship complete web and mobile apps in hours instead of weeks. Amplify Studio exports all UI and infrastructure artifacts as code, so you can maintain full control over your app design and behavior. Ship faster and scale smoothly—with no cloud or […]

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Streaming Data into Azure Cosmos DB with Striim

In this episode, Mark is joined by Edward Bell and Jordan Manthey from Striim who will show how users can migrate data from MongoDB into Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB. They will walk through the steps so you can get a hands-on look at how to use Striim to migrate data into Azure Cosmos […]

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Azure Containers

Introduction To Azure Kubernetes Service

This Edureka “Azure Kubernetes Service video will give a detailed information about containers, and how Azure Kubernetes Service helps orchestrate containers on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. Time stamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:45 What is Azure? 00:05:16 What is Azure Kubernetes? 00:5:51 Evolution of Software Development & Deployment 00:06:23 VM &Containers 00:06:54 Working of Kubernetes 00:10:22 Working […]

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AI Mobile

How AI is Taking over your Phone

Ever wonder how the smart phone in your pocket does what it does? It’s no secret that in the last few years phone makers have turned to machine learning and neural networks to do the hard stuff that we take for granted. This combined that with the custom GPU’s that power them and training data […]

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Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse: Synapse Link for Dataverse

Learn how to do analytics on your business application data with Synapse Link for Dataverse No tags,

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