Day: November 28, 2021


AI-Powered Cancer Screening Applications Managed with NVIDIA AI

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. The key to improving their outcomes is regular screenings and follow-ups. AI can dramatically speed up this process, but integrating AI solutions into existing infrastructure is complex. Because of that, more than half of AI projects never make it into production.

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Can We Throw Rockets Into Space?

Innovation in the commercial space market is heating up and, in some cases, throwing up.

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AI Research

Implicit MLE: Backpropagating Through Discrete Exponential Family Distributions

Backpropagation is the workhorse of deep learning, but unfortunately, it only works for continuous functions that are amenable to the chain rule of differentiation. Since discrete algorithms have no continuous derivative, deep networks with such algorithms as part of them cannot be effectively trained using backpropagation. This paper presents a method to incorporate a large […]

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How to Make Railway Timetables with Graphs

Hannah Fry discusses the mathematics behind Train Graphs. ,

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