Day: November 24, 2021


Channel9 Archive: Designing IoT for Extreme Environments

This video was originally made for MSDN’s Channel9, which was recently decommissioned. To learn more about Channel9 and what it meant to the developer community, watch this eulogy I delivered recently. While not the first time a dog appeared on Channel9, it was the first time that a dog had lines of dialog.

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Dubai Has Built the World’s Deepest Pool

Dubai has a knack for breaking building height records. However, this time they go low.

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Top 3 Reasons to Consider Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server is a new deployment option announced as generally available during Ignite 2021. The Flexible Server architecture provides predictable performance, multiple high availability options and zone resiliency. The service is designed with clear goals of providing more granular control and flexibility over database management functions and configuration settings. Flexible […]

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Remix is a New JavaScript Framework You MUST Try

Remix is a new react-based JavaScript framework that supports server-side rendering. It comes from the team behind React Router and provides a fresh take on fullstack web app development.

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