Day: November 19, 2021


New Video Upload : Quantum Computing in the DMV

Quantum Computing in the DMV

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Arduino C/C++ Source Level Debugging for the ESP32

Dave shows you everything you need to know to get up and running quickly with source-level C/C++ debugging on the Arduino platform using an ESP32 chip. Access call stacks, breakpoints, local variables, watches, and more.

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What is the MEAN Stack?

Wondering what “MEAN stack” refers to – or looking for a better way of building dynamic web applications? In this video, Jamil Spain explains the acronym “MEAN” and how this platform can help you quickly build better, more responsive web apps.

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Prototypes That Led to a Realistic Prosthetic Arm

Since the early 2000s, private companies, governments, and research labs have been developing prosthesis that are a lot more advanced than previous designs. WIRED talked with Easton LaChapelle, founder and CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow, to understand how he designed, tested, and adopted his prosthetic arm. The movie GENERATION IMPACT: THE INVENTOR, follows 25-year old innovator […]

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Video Production Virtual Reality

Setting Up an Indie Vicon MOCAP Studio

Here’s a video production technique that has implications for the metaverse. This week I’ve massively upgraded my indie virtual production studio to have a Vicon Optical Motion Capture system. You can think of this as a VERY high end Steam VR system for tracking humans, props, and cameras. My first goal is to get the […]

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Raspberry Pi

A $5,000 Raspberry Pi Server

This guy built out a $5,000 Raspberry Pi based SSD based NAS. Is there anything a Raspberry Pi can’t do?

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