Day: November 13, 2021

AWS Security

AWS Cryptographic Computing

AWS Cryptography tools and services utilize a wide range of encryption and storage technologies that can help customers protect their data at rest and in transit. To address this need, AWS is developing new techniques for cryptographic computing, an emerging technology that allows computations to be performed on encrypted data, so that sensitive data is […]

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What’s Special About Rust

In this video Carol Nichols shows us  what’s special about Rust.

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Hardware Security

Nvidia Gets Into Cybersecurity and Networking?

Nvidia makes more than GPUs! They are one of the biggest players in Networking and CyberSecurity!! This interview with Kevin DeierlIng, the SVP of Networking at Nvidia, gets into how they are changing the game with their Bluefield DPUs.

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Startup Checklist: Crafting a Brand & Knowing Your Market

Fellow Fordam alum, Jason Calcanis hosts this latest episode of This Week in Startups by breaking down Coinbase’s Q3 earnings and a deep dive into branding. Time Stamps 00:00 Jason intros the show 01:13 $COIN Q3 Earnings breakdown 09:54 LinkedIn Marketing – Get $100 off at 11:25 Startup Checklist: Market Positioning and Branding 13:52 […]

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