Day: November 12, 2021

Livestream Virtual Reality

New Video Upload : Metaverse Explorations

Metaverse Explorations

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Databricks Python

Developing Python Libraries with Databricks Repos

The addition of Databricks Repos changed a lot of our working processes around maintaining notebooks, but the process for building out our own python libraries hasn’t changed much over the years. With “Files for Databricks Repos”, we suddenly see a massive shift in how we can structure our library development, with some huge productivity boosts […]

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Build an API Proxy Server – Hide Your API Keys, Rate Limiting & Caching

This video will show you how to use Node.js & Express to create a server in order to hide public API keys, add rate limiting and caching Code: Time Stamps: 0:00 – Intro 2:48 – Dependencies & scripts 4:45 – Basic Express server 6:15 – Environment variables 8:00 – Create the route 10:40 – […]

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CosmosDB Startups

Start-up Delivers Serverless Solutions to the Energy Sector with Azure Cosmos DB

Using Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Functions and Azure Cache for Redis, Zero Friction created a platform that offers predictability, performance, and scale with two apps: one that helps heat suppliers convert meter data into invoices, and another that helps end customers understand their energy consumption and make payments.

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Getting Started with AWS SageMaker Studio

Join this session to learn about Amazon SageMaker and the tools AWS has to support you on your AI/ML journey.

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Neural Networks

Making Neural Networks Portable with ONNX

The world of machine learning frameworks is complex. What if we can use the lightest framework for inferencing on edge devices? That’s the idea behind ONNX format. Attend this session and find out how to train models using the framework of your choice, save or convert models into ONNX, and deploy to cloud and edge […]

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