Day: November 3, 2021

render of textured ball
Virtual Reality

New Video Upload : Metaverse Experiment

Metaverse Experiment

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How To DE-GOOGLE Your Phone!

Google is all over our phones. The amount of data that they’re collecting about us is astronomical, regardless of whether we’re using an iPhone or an Android. But why does it matter if Google knows so much about us? First, that data is being siphoned up by governments: Not just the US government, but governments […]

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Computer Vision Raspberry Pi

Using the Raspberry Pi CM4 with the Ext_Nano for AI Machine Vision

Here’s an interesting project that uses the Raspberry Pi CM4 with the Ext_Nano for computer vision Time stamps: 00:00 – RSJ Cuts a Pi 4 00:46 – Plotting my revenge 02:02 – CM4Ext Nano Overview 02:52 – Hardware assembly 03:42 – Software setup 04:44 – Machine vision on the Pi 07:00 – reTerminal reMote control […]

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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W: We have a new Pi!

Here’s a review of the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, including hardware specification and comparative performance tests. Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:57 Specifications 05:34 Performance & Boot Test 08:43 Sysbench 10:49 Image Processing 13:30: Wrap

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Microsoft has Free Courses on Python

You can learn python for free with Microsoft. Check them out at

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How Imaginary Numbers Were Invented

Imaginary numbers come up in the most unlikely places. Quite impressive given that they are “impossible.” But how did math go from reflecting and describing reality to the abstract field we tend to think of it today. Veritasium explains.

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Data Science Python


Learning Python for Data Science can really go a long way in elevating your data career potential, but at first – learning to code can seem scary for most. If that is you, don’t worry – it totally can be done, without going back to school. In today’s video, the legendary Lillian Pierson tips for […]

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