Day: October 22, 2021

GameDev Python

How to Create Python Games and Mobile Apps with Kivy

In this five hour Kivy course, learn to create games and applications with Python for every platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). First you will learn how to use the Kivy library. You will create graphical user interfaces with buttons, labels, and images. You will learn how to implement many kinds of layouts to create interfaces […]

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Databricks Speech and Voice

How Comcast Uses Voice, Data, and AI in Home Entertainment

Here’s an interesting look at how Comcast uses data to enrich customer experience. Comcast’s Data Team is bringing together voice, data, and AI to make home entertainment more accessible to everyone– regardless of age, language proficiency, or ability. With every voice prompt, the Xfinity remote control turns billions of spoken words into actionable insights, personalizing […]

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Will Constructor Theory Rewrite Physics?

With my interesting in quantum computing, I have spent a lot more time than usual looking at videos like this. The people behind the greatest leaps in physics – Einstein, Newton, Heisenberg, all had the uncanny ability to see the fundamentals – see the deepest, underlying facts about the world, and from simple statements about […]

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