Day: October 19, 2021

Maker Solar

A Solar Generator the Will Run Fridge and Deep Freeze For Two Days

I’ve built a solar generator a few years ago and I’m thinking it’s time for an upgrade. This video is a little tour of my new solar generator with its features and capacity ratings. I will update with another video when I add the extra battery module and connect it to solar panels for charging […]

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When Will Space Tourism be Affordable?

With more and more businesses getting into the commercial space business, how long before space tourism be affordable?

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Thoughts on the Future of Python

Python has come a long way since it was created in 1989. This talk below looks into the current state, upcoming changes and explore possibilities for its future development, both at a language and application level.

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Raspberry Pi

Control ANY COMPUTER with these Pi KVMs!

I was today years old when I found out that Raspberry Pi makes a great KVM switch. Find out how you can get complete control over any PC or Mac over a network, and which of these devices you should pick to do it. Contents: 00:00 – Intro 00:53 – Why use a KVM? 02:26 […]

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Developer Tech Minutes: Mastering Mahjong with AI

What if AI systems could better predict real-life situations with unknown factors or random events? Discover how Microsoft Research developed Super Phoenix, a series of AI algorithmic breakthroughs, to navigate the uncertain nature of Mahjong. Presented by Junjie Li, Senior Researcher SDE at Microsoft Research Asia.

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Career Machine Learning

Binary Tree Algorithms for Technical Interviews – Full Course

Learn how to implement binary tree algorithms and how to use them to solve coding challenges. Course Contents: (0:00:00) Course Introduction (0:01:09) What is a Binary Tree? (0:11:28) Binary Tree Node Class (0:14:19) Depth First Values – ( (0:36:00) Breadth First Values – ( (0:47:43) Tree Includes – ( (1:05:35) Tree Sum – ( (1:19:53) […]

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Neural Networks Python

Neural Network Simply Explained – ML for Beginners

In this video, Mariya from Python Simplified talks about neural networks and some of their basic components. Time stamps: 00:00 – What is a Neural Network 00:55 – How Computers See Images 02:20 – What is a Label 02:44 – Hidden Layers 03:48 – Training 04:10 – Weights 04:42 – Optimization 05:27 – Narrow AI […]

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High Impact Tuesday

Livestream from earlier today with Andy Leonard. No tags,

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Secretive Giant TSMC’s $100 Billion Plan To Fix The Chip Shortage

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company makes 24% of all the world’s chips, and 92% of the most advanced ones found in today’s iPhones, fighter jets and supercomputers. Now TSMC is building America’s first 5-nanometer fabrication plant, hoping to reverse a decades-long trend of the U.S. losing chip manufacturing to Asia. CNBC got an exclusive tour of […]

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Ultimate Tailwind CSS Tutorial

Learn the basics of Tailwind CSS by building a Discord-inspired navbar from scratch. Time Stamps: 00:00 Intro 00:54 Should you use Tailwind? 01:42 Setup 02:48 JIT Mode 03:20 Functional CSS Basics 04:06 Flexible Container 04:41 Organize UI Components 05:07 Position a Sidebar 06:58 Customize Colors 07:50 Icon Buttons 08:23 Custom Classes with Apply 09:32 Pseudo-class […]

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