Clean Code Lesson 1 with Uncle Bob

“Coding Better World Together” is a set of master lessons from the famous Uncle Bob (Robert Cecil Martin), where he gives us a broad vision of the importance and future of Software in today’s society.

In this first lesson, Uncle Bob demonstrates the need to write a clean code and establishes the bases to achieve it, being these bases of a social and scientific nature. Making it clear that the future of programming is based on an ethical and polite code.

Time stamps:

  • 0:00 Event Presentation
  • 2:03 Presenter Introduces Uncle Bob
  • 3:41 Uncle Bob Introduction / My Tribe
  • 4:49 How Far is the Sun?
  • 10:52 Introduction to Clean Code
  • 12:21 The current Society works with Software
  • 19:47 Volkswagen case / Introduction to the Ethics of Software Development
  • 24:28 Why are Programmers so slow?
  • 32:13 What is a Clean Code?
  • 40:09 Analyzing some lines of code
  • 43:43 Long code is not Good Code
  • 49:25 Good Code / Refactored Function
  • 52:40 Polite Code / Rules for writing a news paper article
  • 55:25 Shrunk Code / The Rules of Functions
  • 1:00:23 Shrunk Code / Drawing a Function
  • 1:05:36 When and why was Java invented?
  • 1:08:52 Prose Code / Arguments
  • 1:16:13 Avoid Switch Statements / Problems and Evolution of some programming languages
  • 1:26:15 The Uncle Bob’s wife message (funny moment)
  • 1:27:22 Output Arguments No Side Effects / Garbage Collection
  • 1:32:21 No Side Effects / Using Lambda
  • 1:34:26 No Side Effects / Command and Query Separation
  • 1:35:30 No Side Effects / Prefer Exceptions to returning error codes
  • 1:37:05 DRI Principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself)
  • 1:39:21 Structured Programming / Edsger Dijkstra Vision vs Actual Vision of the programming
  • 1:45:32 Science and Correct Software


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