Day: October 17, 2021


SpaceX’s Genius Design of Starship’s Life Support Systems

SpaceX is building the most powerful spacecraft ever with the Starship. When completed, clients are waiting to put it to different uses as it is a very versatile spacecraft and this is because SpaceX is making it to be 100 percent reusable. Musk’s ultimate goal is to colonize Mars. The trip time is based on […]

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Clean Code Lesson 1 with Uncle Bob

“Coding Better World Together” is a set of master lessons from the famous Uncle Bob (Robert Cecil Martin), where he gives us a broad vision of the importance and future of Software in today’s society. In this first lesson, Uncle Bob demonstrates the need to write a clean code and establishes the bases to achieve […]

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Automated Python Code Generation with Mito

Mito Installation Instructions: Mito YouTube Channel:

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Maker Solar

Storing Solar Power on a Roof

Battery technology has a long way to go if renewables are going to be successful. Here’s an interesting and low tech way to store energy.

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Raspberry Pi

Turn Your Pi 400 Into a 13.3″ Raspberry Pi Laptop With The PiDock 400!

The New PiDock from Viros turns a Raspberry Pi 400 Into A Laptop style workstation. With a 13.3″ IPS 1080P Screen and built-in Trackpad the PiDock 400 still leaves somethings to be desired. If you’ve been wanting to add a portable screen to your Raspberry Pi400 this might be for you but in this video, […]

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