Day: October 13, 2021

Site Updates

New Video Upload : Happy 26th Birthday Frank’s World!

Frank’s World started 26 years ago today!

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Azure Developer

Add Communications User Experiences with Azure Communication Services

David de Matheu joins Scott Hanselman to show how the Azure Communication Services UI Library enables you to add communications capabilities to your applications with only a couple lines of code plus composable components and turn-key composites.

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3 T’s to Securing AI Systems: Tests, tests, and more tests!

What does it mean to make your machine learning system “production-ready?” Yaron Singer walks us through the infrastructure, testing procedures, and more that help make ML systems ready for the real world in this episode of Data Brew.

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Dart in 100 Seconds

Dart is high-productivity statically-typed programming language capable of targeting multiple platforms. It’s used by Flutter to produce fast client apps with an awesome developer experience.

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Hacking Out of a Network – Computerphile

Computerphile shows multiple ways to break through restrictions in a network* demonstrated by Dr Richard G Clegg of Queen Mary University London. *Please only try these methods on machines where you have permission.

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