Day: October 5, 2021


Recursion and Is It Better Than For Loops?

In this tutorial, learn about recursion and how we can use it to divide and conquer! 💪💪💪 TIME STAMPS: 00:00 – Intro 00:15 – What is Recursion 01:03 – Python Recursive Function Code Example 02:43 – Fibonacci Sequence 03:49 – Fibonacci Recursion Code Example 05:21 – Fibonacci Iteration Code Example 06:56 – Is Python Recursion […]

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Data Science Mathematics

Practical Statistics for Data Scientists – Exploratory Data Analysis

This is an overview of Chapter 1 of Practical Statistics for Data Scientists. Shashank Kalanithi goes over the first couple of chapters of this book because the later chapters cover similar materials from my Hands on Machine Learning book overview videos.

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Hardware Interesting Science

MOSFET – The Most significant invention of the 20th Century

Of all the inventions of the 20th century just one could be said to have changed the world in such a way that it touches virtually everybody on the planet’s lives on a daily basis. It has enabled the most rapid development in technology in history and yet you cant see the vast majority of […]

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Computer Vision

2021 OpenCV AI Competition Grand Prize Winners

On this week’s show, Seth welcomes grand prize winners of the 2021 OpenCV AI Competition. Satya Mallick from OpenCV is here with Ye Lu and Him Wai (Michael) Ng from Team Cortic Tigers, who will demo their award-winning project – Cortic Edge Platform (CEP) which aims to democratize AI for everyone!

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