World Robot Expo 2021 in Beijing | Robot panda, robot Einstein, robot surgeons

The World Robot Conference 2021 was held in Beijing, bringing together more than 500 robotic solutions from different countries.

There’s a boom in robotics events around the world right now, and in the next installment we’ll cover the details of the robot exhibit in Japan. Be sure to watch the rest of the video and write in the comments, which robot impressed you the most?

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00 In this video
  • 0:30 Robot panda from UBTech
  • 1:05 Robot Einstein
  • 1:45 Opti service robot
  • 2:10 Iron Man suit
  • 2:30 Exoskeleton
  • 2:43 Surgical robots
  • 3:50 Space Station robotic arm
  • 4:32 Nurse bot
  • 4:53 Digital Factory
  • 5:25 DeepRobotics inventions
  • 5:35 Cyberdog from xiaomi
  • 5:57 Robots to explore the deep sea
  • 6:18 Robot for kitchen
  • 6:27 Audience Entertainment Robots
  • 6:53 Service Robots


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