How to Send Public Comments to FAA for SpaceX’s Starship project

Here are two ways you can send your public comments in for the FAA’s Draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment for SpaceX Starship Super Heavy Project at the Boca Chica Launch Site.

Deadline is October 18th.


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One thought on “How to Send Public Comments to FAA for SpaceX’s Starship project”

  1. elon musk, you (spacex) may be temporarily delayed/cornered by the texas environmentalists. also you may be interfering with the chinese intent to eventually control the near earth “high ground”. they may have a number of ways to get to you – environmentalists, faa, or even covertly by george p. bush himself. if texas gov abbott can not bail you out i suggest you bite the bullet. build a deep water pier out into the gulf to feed your developing offshore launch capabilities (they may not allow “hops” either; roosevelt roads already had a pier?). register your offshore launch assets in the cayman islands, etc.? sad state of affairs …. rae sr

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