Day: September 16, 2021

Computer Vision Natural Language Processing Research

Tightly Connecting Vision and Language

Remarkable progress has been made at the intersection of vision and language. While showing great promise, current vision and language models may only weakly “connect” the two modalities and often fail in the wild. In this talk, Goggle’s Soravit Changpinyo will present recent efforts aiming to bridge this gap along two dimensions: informativeness and controllability. […]

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Databricks Machine Learning

Scaling AutoML-Driven Anomaly Detection with Luminaire

Zillow has built an orchestration framework around Luminaire, our open-source python library for hands-off time-series Anomaly Detection. Luminaire provides a suite of models and built-in AutoML capabilities which they process with Spark for distributed training and scoring of thousands of metrics. In this talk, learn the architecture of this framework and performance of the Luminaire […]

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Linux Security

Linux Essentials for Ethical Hackers – Full InfoSec Course

In this Linux course, you will learn the 20% you need to know to be efficient with Linux. This course will teach all the common Linux skills used in cyber-security and ethical hacking. HackerSploit developed this course. Course Contents: (0:00:00) Introduction (0:01:56) Useful keyboard Shortcuts (0:08:52) File Management & Manipulation (0:32:18) File & Directory Permissions […]

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Linux Windows

Windows 365: Testing a Cloud PC in Linux

Windows 365 is a new, online version of Windows that runs in what Microsoft call a Cloud PC. In this video, Explaining Computers sets up and accesses Windows 365 from Linux, including running some performance tests. Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:18 A New Category of Computing 06:20 Windows on the Web 11:49 Performance 15:49 Remote […]

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Computer Vision Python

Advanced Computer Vision with Python

Learn advanced computer vision using Python in this full (and free!) course. Learn state of the art computer vision techniques by building five projects with libraries such as OpenCV and Mediapipe. If you are a beginner, don’t be afraid of the term advance. Even though the concepts are advanced, they are not difficult to follow. […]

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