Power Apps Smart Navigation Menu

In this video, get a walk you through how to build a Power Apps navigation menu using a collection and gallery that is smart enough to realize which screen it is in and will automatically highlight the item to match the screen.

Table of contents

  • Introduction 0:00
  • Demo 0:35
  • Adding the screens 1:45
  • Why I did not use the components library 2:58
  • Building the collection 3:26
  • Header component 7:44
  • Create the Header Label property 8:10
  • Header width and height 8:39
  • Add text with App Active 11:33
  • Add the back icon 13:15
  • Testing the header component 15:00
  • Footer Component 16:02
  • Access app scope16:40
  • Add gallery 18:35
  • Adding smart active label 23:14
  • Adding smart template fill 25:42
  • Add smart default to gallery 31:35
  • Conclusion 34:22


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