Learn to Solve Algorithmic Problems & Coding Challenges

Learn how to use Dynamic Programming in this course for beginners.

It can help you solve complex programming problems, such as those often seen in programming interview questions about data structures and algorithms.

This course uses images and animations to help you visualize problems and important concepts. After understanding problems conceptually, you will learn how to solve them in JavaScript using Dynamic Programming. Even though JavaScript is used in this course, you will learn concepts and knowledge that you can apply to other programming languages.

Course Contents:

  • (00:00:00) course introduction
  • (00:03:30) fib memoization
  • (00:38:39) gridTraveler memoization
  • (01:04:52) memoization recipe
  • (01:09:56) canSum memoization
  • (01:29:29) howSum memoization
  • (01:52:06) bestSum memoization
  • (02:12:45) canConstruct memoization
  • (02:38:36) countConstruct memoization
  • (02:47:30) allConstruct memoization
  • (03:10:53) fib tabulation
  • (03:22:17) gridTraveler tabulation
  • (03:34:32) tabulation recipe
  • (03:37:59) canSum tabulation
  • (03:53:01) howSum tabulation
  • (04:07:21) bestSum tabulation
  • (04:20:50) canConstruct tabulation
  • (04:38:06) countConstruct tabulation
  • (04:50:23) allConstruct tabulation
  • (05:07:44) closing thoughts


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