Day: September 11, 2021

Video Production

Unreal Engine Filmmaking & VFX

Film Riot dives into Unreal Engine with real time environments and vfx for filmmaking and indy projects. I just started learning unreal engine so these are just the basics of what I was able to manage for the time being while still creating a complete sequence. There is a lot of I have to learn […]

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Apple Virtual Reality

Top 4 Free LiDAR apps for your iPhone12 or iPad

Fernando Herrera shows the best LiDAR applications for iPhone 12 and iPad pro with Lidar Scanners. Review the top 4 lidar apps on the app store, and gives notes on what they offer since they each have their pros and cons. LiDAR scanning technology is available for iPhone 12’s iPad Pros, and those devices that […]

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Beautiful Soup 4 Tutorial #3 – Navigating The HTML Tree

In this video, Tim from Tech with Time will be going over how to navigate through the HTML tree. Specifically, how to do this so we can find prices of cryptocurrencies. Time Stamps: 00:00 | Overview 00:52 | Tree Structure 03:29 | Tree Siblings 05:25 | Tree Parents and Descendants 06:40 | Getting Crypto Prices

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Building multi-tenant solutions with Azure IoT Central

Join Olivier and Luis to learn more about an upcoming feature in Azure IoT Central that will enable you to build your IoT solution once and onboard multiple tenants into it – we’re calling this feature Organizations.

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