Beautiful Soup 4 Tutorial #2 – Searching and Filtering

If you’ve followed my work in the WinRT and UWP space, then you know how much I used screen scraping technologies to create Windows Phone versions of apps to life. (Don’t laugh) 🙂

In this video, Tim from Tech with Tim is going to be going over how to search for more advanced things using BS4. He’ll also show how to modify, view, and search for HTML tags and much more.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 | Overview
  • 00:47 | Searching For Tags
  • 02:09 | Tag Attributes
  • 03:39 | Find Multiple Tags
  • 04:58 | Find Attributes
  • 05:56 | Find Class Names
  • 06:44 | Find Regular Expressions
  • 08:59 | Find Limit
  • 09:29 | Save Modified HTML


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